Aedon Cassiel

  • Chester Bennington & White Male Suicide

    On July 20, 2017, Chester Bennington, lead singer of the band Linkin Park, committed suicide by hanging. Just two months previously, Bennington perform Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” at Soundgarden and Audioslave singer Chris Cornell’s funeral after Cornell was found dead, having also committed suicide by hanging, on May 18. These were just the most recent in a spree of mostly white and mostly male high-profile suicides over the past several years, from actor Robin Williams to author David Foster Wallace.

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  • Greatness is the Unifying Value of the Right

    What would you say if I asked you what your vision was of an ideal society? What are the values that your society would be centered on and organized toward achieving?

    A libertarian may have values he wants to achieve, and he may even think that a libertarian order would be the most effective means for achieving them, but he doesn’t think society should be organized towards achieving anything. At least, not anything other than giving people an economy that makes it easier for them to buy whatever goods or services they’d like to buy.

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  • On Polygamy, Marrying Your Cousin, & Terrorism

    A popular argument is that terrorism is fundamentally a reaction to US foreign policy – that even if Islamic terrorists couch their anger in religious sentiments, indeed even if they believe that the US is in fact a “Great Satan” which should be subjugated under a worldwide Islamic caliphate, it is only because of American “imperialism” that they lash out with these ideological responses.

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  • Is the War on Drugs Racist?

    There are two main forms this claim can take: that the war on drugs is racist in intent, e.g. that the war on drugs was created to be racist (whether it is or not); and that the war on drugs is racist in effect, e.g. that the war on drugs targets blacks and Hispanics over whites to a greater extent than blacks and Hispanics are more likely to use drugs (if they are at all).

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  • Black Woman Privilege

    In 1985, a 19-year-old black woman named Donna participated along with six other perpetrators – three of them women – in the abduction, gruesome torture, and murder of a 60-year-old real estate broker, Thomas Vigliarolo. After gaining access to Vigliarolo by claiming to be prostitutes, the perpetrators drove him to a Harlem apartment, stripped him naked, tied him to a bed, and tortured him to death for over two weeks while demanding a ransom of $430,000.

    One of the women explained why she shoved a yard-long metal rod up Vigliarolo’s rectum: “He was a homo anyway . . . When I stuck [it in] he wiggled.”

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  • The Double Standard of Reproductive Rights

    For a long time, the place where the double standards of feminism – and even, to some extent, those of mainstream society — were most clearly visible with regard to men has been on the subject of reproductive rights. The double standards are clearest here because, unlike other topics that require extensive research, this particular one is a built-in part of almost everyone’s everyday experience. Anyone who has ever had sex, been in a relationship, or contemplated having children will have experienced this double standard to some degree.

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  • We are All Egoists – and Why That’s a Good Thing

    Many of those who end up exploring the political fringe – particularly on the Right – end up obsessed with various forms of what might loosely be called egocentricity. In those of a libertarian bent, this usually expresses itself as an obsession with contrasting honorable “individualism” against slavish “collectivism.” In the more anarchic and nihilistic types, it often expresses itself as an obsession with contrasting proud “egoism” against naïve “altruism.”

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  • How Many “Genders” Are There? Zero.

    The ride down the slippery slope never seems to end.

    It’s only been a matter of months since the transgender bathroom bill controversy. To recap those events: Leftists tried to convince everyone that the “bigots” in Raleigh, North Carolina were trying to pass a law that would prevent transsexuals from using the bathroom of their choice everywhere in the state, and they would have us believe that a bill specifically protecting the rights of transsexuals to use the bathroom of the sex that they identify with is the answer to that problem.

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  • Precedents for Pizzagate

    Marc Dutroux, Belgian pedophile, sadist, and serial killer with friends in high places

    To reiterate a point that should be clear to the more astute reader, my goal in this series (part 1, part 2) has not been to defend “Pizzagate” as such. My goal has been to defend the people who want to investigate it against specific accusations levied against them by people who think Pizzagate has revealed no intriguing information at all—for a specific reason, which I will be honing in and focusing on much more directly in this closing entry.

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  • Another Slice of Pizzagate

    Just your ordinary family pizzeria owner James Alefantis (right) of Comet Ping Pong

    Any discussion of the plausibility of conspiracies has to start with MK Ultra—one of the most bizarre “conspiracy theories” that turned out, by all official accounts, to be completely and entirely true. MK Ultra was a CIA program that began in the early 1950s and operated at full scale from then until around 1964. The program was reduced in scope in 1964 and then again in 1967 and wasn’t officially put to an end until 1973 [1]—although 14-year CIA veteran Victor Marchetti claimed in 1977 that the CIA’s assurances that it had stopped the program were nothing more than a “cover story.”

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  • Pizzagate


    Beginning in 1997, in an English town of more than 100,000 people, eight Pakistani men stood at the core of a group involving as many as three hundred suspects who abused, gang-raped, pimped and trafficked, by the most conservative estimate, well over a thousand of the town’s young girls for years. 

    The police were eventually accused of not just turning a blind eye, but of participating in the abuse — even supplying the Pakistani gangs with drugs and tipping them off when they heard of colleagues searching for children they knew to be in the gangs’ possession.

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  • A Study in Anti–White Media Lies: Are Right–Wing Extremists More Likely to Kill you Than Muslim Terrorists?


    The problem goes deeper than leftist rags like ThinkProgress. It goes even deeper than Salon. If you want to see how deeply anti-white and anti-conservative attitudes have grown into the mainstream media today, you must look no further than Newsweek and the New York Times.

    In these articles, we read that:

    1. “You Are More Than 7 Times As Likely To Be Killed By A Right-Wing Extremist Than By Muslim Terrorists” (ThinkProgress) [1]

    2. “right wing arson attacks . . . setting fire to churches with predominantly black or racially mixed congregations . . . are no ordinary crimes, but an attempt to use violence to cheat the democratic system and to intimidate people through the threat of violence. You know, terrorism.” (Salon)[2]

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  • “Fake” Hate Crimes are Real Hate Crimes Against Whites


    Just in the last week, we’ve seen two major incidents of “faked” hate crimes make their way into the national media. First, police confirmed that the woman who claimed to have been attacked and to have had her hijab torn off and wallet stolen by white men wearing Trump hats invented the whole account. Second, a Jewish and “white Hispanic” student duo were confirmed to have been behind the spray-painting of racist and homophobic slurs along with the word “Trump” inside their campus chapel.

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  • The Jewish Question for Normies


    The notion that the Alt-Right is full of hatred and bigotry against Jews is one complaint that is echoed almost equally across both the Left and Right. Even many mainstream conservatives who oppose the Alt-Right but would never agree that the Alt-Right is racist because of its perspectives on race still accuse the Alt-Right of being anti-Semitic because of its perspectives on Jews.

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  • Stop Being Frisky: Why Trump is Right about Stop & Frisk

    In recent days, I’ve been hearing an abnonypoststopfrisk-260x284rmal amount of criticism of Donald Trump for “policies on race relations that basically amount to ‘reinstitute stop and frisk.’” As usual, the statements are being made in a tone that makes it obvious that the speaker considers it simply beyond the pale to question whether or not those stop and frisk policies were doing anything right. Compare: “His ideas on improving race relations basically amount to ‘bring back slavery.’” Since I’m hearing most of this come from normal people rather than rabid social justice warriors, I consider it worth addressing. So the point of this post is to quickly hand supporters a little bit of extra ammo in some of those conversations.

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  • The Red Pill Diaries: How My Zimmies Were Rustled


    It all started in 2012. As I have mentioned before, I spent my early adulthood as a committed Leftist. I’d like to spell out the exact process by which my deconversion took place. Why 2012? That was the year that George Zimmerman hunted down the young, innocent, Skittles- and tea-carrying Trayvon Martin and killed him in cold blood.

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  • How Racial Egalitarianism Wrecked the Global Economy


    To get the story about race and bank loans clear, all you have to do is take everything you know about the relationship between race and crime and switch around a few words. 

    Ask a liberal to explain the causes of the 2007 financial crisis, and xie’ll lay much of the blame at the feet of deregulation. The main policy targeted by this charge is the Glass Steagall Act, which was effectively repealed in 1999. To be fair, the repeal of Glass Steagall did allow banks to grow larger (for example, J. P. Morgan and

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  • Mapping the Rising Tide


    Something I have written about time and time again is the issue of White demographic decline in the United States. There are a myriad of reasons for this, but before anyone can even get to why, they need to take stock of what is actually happening and assess the damage. And to get there in the first place, they have to care about it. Without racial consciousness, the entire project of White nationalism is lost.

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  • Ethnonationalism for Normies (Or, “On the Sense of Coming Home”)


    I want to run my household one way. My friends Travis and Kyle each want to run their household a different way. For example, I may prefer to wash my dishes immediately after I’ve finished eating, and resent ever seeing a dish left in the sink; Travis might prefer to leave one set of dishes in the sink, and wash them again immediately before each use; and Kyle might like to let the dishes pile up for a week, and then wash them all at once on the weekend when he’s done with work.

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