Spencer Quinn

  • The Affirmative Action Hoax, a Review

    Steven Farron
    The Affirmative Action Hoax: Diversity, the Importance of Character and Other Lies
    New Century Books, 2nd ed., 2010

    Some books are important to the Right because they make us view life differently. They ‘red-pill’ us, so to speak, and open our eyes to modes of thinking which have become almost completely obscured by cultural Marxism in recent years. Other books however allow us to red-pill others. They provide ingenious arguments or unearth critical, hard-to-find evidence which point inexorably to the conclusion that everyone on the Right has already reached: that the Right is, well, right.

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  • No, John, Let’s Talk About Race

    Here’s a dictum I have read now and again on the internet: “an organization that isn’t explicitly anti-Left will eventually be swallowed up by the Left.” Here’s another I am making up on the fly (although I am sure others have said it many times before): “an organization that isn’t explicitly anti-nonwhite will eventually be swallowed up by nonwhites.”

    Nowhere does this seem more pertinent than in John McWhorter’s recent piece at National Review entitled “Stop Obsessing Over Race and IQ.”

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  • The Brawl in the Hall

    Late last month, something entirely expected happened: Hispanic Democrats, on the floor of the Texas House of Representatives, revealed their contempt for the law and for the country in which they live through acts of bullying and violence. They also tried to shout down the one person willing to enforce the law, Republican Representative Matthew Rinaldi.

    Really, who here thought this could have happened any other way?

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  • Chose-merta: A Review of Hervé Ryssen’s The Jewish Mafia

    Hervé Ryssen
    The Jewish Mafia
    Self-published by the translator, Carlos Porter, 2016

    “I believe in America.”

    These are the first words spoken in Francis Ford Coppola’s 1972 landmark film, The Godfather. They are spoken by an Italian immigrant, a mortician, who is coming to his local mafia boss for some extra-legal assistance. The double meaning is clear. In America, one can succeed honestly or dishonestly. Either way, there is a lot to believe in.

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  • Hating Whitey: On Negative Identity


    One of the great things about Wikileaks, quite simply, is that they reveal things we already know to be true. Hillary deleted 33,000 emails? Check. Hillary colluded with the DNC to defeat Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary? Check.

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  • The Great Forgetting

    slave-market-226x300By now, we should all know about the Muslim grooming gang scandal which has been rocking England for decades. Peter McLoughlin wrote about it extensively in his invaluable volume Easy Meat, which should be required reading for anyone on the Alt Right. After exposing not only the Muslim sex offenders and their complicit communities but also the white Britons who let it all happen, McLoughlin then sets upon a novel tack in his book.

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  • The Alt Right vs. the Gun Right


    There are issues around which we rally, and then there are issues around which we let other people rally. And as long as these issues can coexist, alliances can be formed. I think that the Alt Right and gun rights advocates (whom I will collectively and symmetrically refer to as the Gun Right) have stumbled into such an alliance in the arena of American politics.

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  • Jews Are Not White People (a Response to a Response)

    dennis-prager1-260x293Recently, Jewish conservative Dennis Prager made the commonsense argument that Jews should quit supporting Leftist causes because the Left, as he says, “is not our friend.” His piece, which appeared in the Jewish Journal on August 31, describes quite clearly how leftist radical organizations such as Black Lives Matter, MoveOn, Code Pink, and others reject not only Israel’s right to exist, but also the rights of Israel-supporting Jews to be part of these organizations.

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  • More Muslim Child-Rape in Rotherham

    Rivers-of-Blood-210x300Rotherham, England is in the news again. And for all the reasons you would expect.

    Yes, the Muslim “grooming gang” problem still exists, although now more people are chattering about now than before. It remains to be seen whether this chattering will do any good, but it certainly is better than not chattering about it. For decades it was taboo even to discuss what was going on. And what was going on? Savage Muslim men, mostly from Pakistan, the Middle East, and North Africa, were raping and selling into sexual slavery tens of thousands of white British girls.

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  • Race in The Last of the Mohicans & its Major Motion Picture Adaptions

    James Fenimore Cooper’s classic novel The Last of the Mohicans has been adapted to film or television many times, most notably by director Michael Mann in 1992. Mr. Mann’s version of the story was based more on the 1936 film (written by Philip Dunne and directed by George Seitz) than on the original novel. The reason for this is murky, and the development of Dunne’s screenplay even murkier. However, plotting how the story has evolved from landmark American literature to major motion picture is extremely instructive and enlightening with regard to popular attitudes towards the white race. And it isn’t good.

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