• Star Trek Diversity: We Are The Klingons Now!

    The opening credits to Star Trek Discovery are a veritable barrage of Goldmans, Meyers, Kurtzmans and Wisemans that come at you like photon torpedoes slamming into a warp drive. I’d heard the rumours, this was the most blatantly anti-white show ever made, but nevertheless, I boldly went where few white Nationalists had gone before, deep, deep into the Jewish controlled Alpha Quadrant of mass entertainment.

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  • ‘Detroit’: A False Morality Play

    Twisting the facts to fit the narrative.

    Today, the population of Detroit is 82 percent black, and white men make up only 15 percent of the police department; black people don’t worry much about white cops. But in 1967, Detroit was 62 percent white. The Detroit PD was a white male domain, and black citizens vehemently complained about police brutality.

    The movie Detroit, written by Mark Boal and directed by Kathryn Bigelow, deals with the Algiers Motel incident, an event during the 1967 Detroit riots in which three young black men, Carl Cooper (Jason Mitchell), Fred Temple (Jacob Latimore), and Aubrey Pollard (Nathan Davis, Jr.), were killed by white Detroit police officers. The movie’s trailer invites viewers to “Discover the Truth.” But Detroit plays fast and loose with the facts and obscures the likely truth about this tragic incident, by turning it into an anti-white morality play.

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  • The Soul of Jack London, Part 1

    The life of Jack London, the extraordinarily popular turn-of-the-century American author, was every bit as fascinating as those of the fictional characters depicted in his stories. He was a man of action as well as of thought.

    But lack London was much more than an author and adventurer. Born into poverty, he was molded into an ardent socialist at an early age. Possessing an instinctive craving for truth, he cast off the shackles of the religion in which he was raised and turned instead to the teachings of Friedrich Nietzsche and the logic of science. Endowed with both common sense and intelligence, he recognized the potential of eugenics and fervently supported its practice. With a deep reverence for his North European ancestry, he expressed an unquenchable faith in the superiority and the destiny of his race, and he produced some of the most extreme and most beautiful racial statements ever written.

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    And in his hand
    He took the golden Compasses, prepar’d
    In Gods Eternal store, to circumscribe
    This Universe, and all created things:
    One foot he center’d, and the other turn’d
    Round through the vast profunditie obscure,
    And said, thus farr extend, thus farr thy bounds,
    This be thy just Circumference, O World.
    Thus God the Heav’n created, thus the Earth.

    Paradise Lost VII.225

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  • The White World in Collapse: A Review of Logan

    Directed by James Mangold
    Starring Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, & Richard E. Grant

    Logan, a film named after its main character, also known as Wolverine of the superhero team, the X-Men, is simply more Hollywood propaganda for perverts who fantasize about killing off white people, on one level at least. Perhaps unintentionally, it is also a warning concerning the decline of Western society. The message is that the white man is either old and dying, or simply evil and deserving of death, while the non-whites are poor, yet brave and fighting against oppression by whites.

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  • Unpublishable Today: Confederate Savior of Mars

    Can you imagine in the Current Year our Cultural Marxists-entrenched media and their Glavlit-inspired approval and publishing apparatus allowing a science-fiction hero to be a (1) white, (2) heterosexual, (3) male and, (4) this is the real icing-on-the-cake, also a brave Confederate war veteran? In 2017, no – no, you cannot. It would be unpublishable today.

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  • In Defense of “Anthropomorphism”

    “I think you’re anthropomorphizing,” said the vet. I had brought the cat in for a routine checkup and was describing something cute she had done. I don’t remember what it was (this was some years ago). But it wasn’t the first time he had said this to me, and I had heard the same tiresome charge from others.

    The context was usually when I was speaking about what I took to be emotional displays on the cat’s part, as well as displays of affection. And I carried on “anthropomorphizing” after the cat died and I lived for a couple of years with a roommate who had a dog – a dog to whom I became (predictably) very, very attached. I have been owned by two cats in my life and three dogs, if you count the one I “roomed” with. I have shared so much of my life with animals it seems strange now not to have one around (I am hesitant to get another pet, as I want to do some travelling).

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  • How Many “Genders” Are There? Zero.

    The ride down the slippery slope never seems to end.

    It’s only been a matter of months since the transgender bathroom bill controversy. To recap those events: Leftists tried to convince everyone that the “bigots” in Raleigh, North Carolina were trying to pass a law that would prevent transsexuals from using the bathroom of their choice everywhere in the state, and they would have us believe that a bill specifically protecting the rights of transsexuals to use the bathroom of the sex that they identify with is the answer to that problem.

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  • The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the Meme

    We owe a great debt of gratitude to J. R. R. Tolkien, who embodied the medieval bardic tradition, and penned his epic tale in rebuke of mechanized modernity. I doubt even Tolkien could have predicted that some fifty years later, his story would look more like prophecy than fable. Then again, Tolkien probably sensed Europe had entered its twilight. The Great European Civil War of the twentieth century, which Tolkien fought in during its first phase, impressed upon him that modernity, with its unrelenting industry (capitalism) and hi-tech weaponry, was destroying the West. He longed for a return to the agricultural and yeoman values idealized in his depiction of the Shire, to the hierarchical and kingly values that he envisioned in Aragorn, and the Nordic ideals of beauty and perfection he represented in the Elves. The march of modernity, however, has continued unabated, accelerating at an exponentially increasing rate. In the meantime, the slow drip of decay has swiftly moved into the phase of invasion and struggle. Now, more than ever, The Lord of the Rings (henceforth LOTR) is a source of inspiration for our people.

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  • The Curious Case of Daniel Quilp

    Charles Dickens (1812–1870)

    Chaucer, Shakespeare and Dickens are perhaps the three central figures of English literature. Representing respectively poetry, drama and prose, they have been hugely influential for centuries, read, analysed and quoted by countless millions around the world in every language from English and Afrikaans to Hindi and Mandarin.

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  • Batman Returns: An Anti-Semitic Allegory?

    Soon after the release of director Tim Burton’s Batman Returns (1992) starring Michael Keaton as Batman, Danny DeVito as the Penguin, Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, and Christopher Walken as evil capitalist Max Shreck, America’s premier newspaper, the Jewish-controlled New York Times, published an op-ed piece by two Columbia College seniors, Rebecca Roiphe and Daniel Cooper, entitled “Batman and the Jewish Question” (July 2, 1992).

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    Star Trek has always been a vehicle of the do-gooders, even before the term was known, but the themes of peace, respect, and friendship of the peoples, which have been running through its universe like a red thread, have resonated well with the audience in the time of the superpower conflict and Mutually Assured Destruction (fittingly abbreviated to MAD). After the cold war, cultural Marxism and political correctness fully took over the Enterprise, but the series still holds some value for those viewers who have been more intrigued by the looks of the latest starships, photon cannons, and intergalactic beauties.

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  • Gattaca is Wrong: The Moral & Evolutionary Case for Genetic Selection

    gattaca_1997_movie_poster-200x300Fun fact: Despite graduating from a prestigious University in the U.K (which will not be named) with the best possible grade, this essay nearly got me kicked off the course for being “monomaniacal” (admittedly Captain Ahab is a personal hero) “dog-whistling” and advocating the “most reprehensible means for improvement.” I had to fight bitterly against the PC police and the radical Marxist professors for an impartial marker. 

    Gattaca (1997) written and directed by Andrew Niccol is considered one of the ’90s best unheralded films acclaimed for its rigorous intelligence and moral backbone exploring ethical questions about the nature and direction of genetic science (Ebert). To date, Gattaca is considered one of the best cinematic exposes of genetic determinism and serves as a “counter narrative” against biotechnology and the ideology of genetic determinism for a non-scientific audience (Kirby 180). This article will demonstrate that Gattaca’s egalitarian premises are neither rigorously intelligent nor an exposé of genetic science. The premises are, rather than insightful or illuminating, symptomatic of past and current egalitarian and ideological fantasies, which have been exposed as such in the intervening years since the release of the movie to be nothing more than unscientific drivel and wish fulfilment. If anything, rather than looking towards the future, Gattaca projects the liberal narrative of history onto the future.

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  • Shit Cuckservatives Say


    “Sadly, most victims of black crime are other blacks.”
    “Unions destroyed Detroit”
    “I’m all for legal immigration, just not illegal immigration”
    “America is safe and free thanks to our troops.”
    “Only terrorists would have a reason to oppose the Patriot Act.”
    “America is a nation of immigrants.”
    “I don’t agree with everything [Buchanan/Coulter/CH/etc] says, but…”
    “I’m not a racist but…”
    “I don’t care if you’re black, white, green, or purple, but…”
    “Edward Snowden is a traitor”
    “I stand with Israel”
    “Family values don’t stop at the Rio Grande”
    “Putin is the new Hitler”
    “There is no room for hate and bigotry in the Republican party”
    “We must court the Latino vote to stay relevant”

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  • Fiddler On The Roof: A Very Jewish Movie

    I recently stumbled across ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ and decided to watch it, I was aware that there was a particularly Jewish musical by that name but I’d always avoided it because I dislike musicals. Today, however, an entirely Jewish musical set in Russia shortly before the Russian Revolution has much to offer to the dissident Nationalist mind.

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  • A Nationalist Reviews Hillary’s America

    Dinesh D’Souza claims historic Democrats have a history of supporting white racial cohesion and that Hillary Clinton and modern Democrats carry out this today.

    If that’s the case, then I’m with her!

    However, it’s not the case, and the modern Democrats carry out an anti-white agenda. Along with most Republicans they refuse to recognize the moral right of whites to organize along racial lines. Meanwhile they go as far as to encourage other racial groups to do so. That is the problem — not that “Democrats are the real racists” as D’Souza would have us believe. Moreover, trying to prove that Democrats are the real racists is meaningless because nearly every white person who lived over a half century ago was “racist” by today’s standards. If one goes back far enough in time it’s not hard to find members of either party who can be considered “racist.”

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  • Baby Did A Bad, Bad Thing


    If the “red pill” is to represent difficult and uncomfortable truth, understanding the truth about women, or sex realism, must be the foundation of all other knowledge, and must be mastered in order to have a genuine, authentic, and accurate understanding of the world.

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  • Kaizerreich (1871-1919)

    Images of the Kaizerreich (1871-1919) that represent perhaps the Apex of Western Civilization after its recovery from the Fall of Ancient Rome:

  • The Pro-Colonial Trilogy: 55 Days at Peking, Zulu, & The Sand Pebbles

    Zulu55 Days at Peking (1963), Zulu (1964), and The Sand Pebbles (1966) aren’t part of an actual trilogy, and aside from Zulu, the films aren’t necessarily about colonialist projects in the strictest sense. Additionally, the movies are produced, written, and directed by entirely different people. However, they are remarkably similar in some ways, and they all have a pro-white rule vibe.

    The 1960s were a radical, change-filled decade. Part of the reason for this change was that the last of Europe’s Empires started to break up during that decade. France was driven from Algeria in 1962, and Portugal dealt with a fierce insurgency in its colonial Empire.

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  • Race in The Last of the Mohicans & its Major Motion Picture Adaptions

    James Fenimore Cooper’s classic novel The Last of the Mohicans has been adapted to film or television many times, most notably by director Michael Mann in 1992. Mr. Mann’s version of the story was based more on the 1936 film (written by Philip Dunne and directed by George Seitz) than on the original novel. The reason for this is murky, and the development of Dunne’s screenplay even murkier. However, plotting how the story has evolved from landmark American literature to major motion picture is extremely instructive and enlightening with regard to popular attitudes towards the white race. And it isn’t good.

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