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Race Mixing


There is a great swell of people pushing the idea of mixed-race people are “more fit” or “stronger” or “healthier”. The language they use for this new mixed race population is strangely belligerent, calling them “stronger” and “superior”. It seems to be a kind of mixed-race supremacism – distinct from the “folk” focus of racial nationalist groups – but with very little effort to find real data for their claims.

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White Privilege Theory: The Poison-Pill


I first came across the term ”White Privilege” about five years ago in an article in the Telegraph which was a response to Laurie Penny’s (surprise surprise) attempt to bring the idea into popular discourse in Britain. It was one of those occasions when you knew instantly an idea or policy is bad news, understanding the term itself and the theory of White Privilege was to be made aware that the enemy had been working on a new weapon which was in the process of being tweaked and polished before being rolled out onto the meta-political battlefield.

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Ethnocentrism and Inbreeding

HBD Chick and I talk about how rates of historic inbreeding have had an important impact on the selective pressures acting on the traits of various peoples living today. We have often used Europe and the Middle East as examples of this, because strong regional variations in historic rates of inbreeding exist in those places. Particular among these variations is the history of Northwestern Europe, which had – unique in the world – a long history of avoiding inbreeding. As such, according to HBD Chick’s hypothesis, the region went down a unique historical trajectory because of it.

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The Jewish Question for Normies


The notion that the Alt-Right is full of hatred and bigotry against Jews is one complaint that is echoed almost equally across both the Left and Right. Even many mainstream conservatives who oppose the Alt-Right but would never agree that the Alt-Right is racist because of its perspectives on race still accuse the Alt-Right of being anti-Semitic because of its perspectives on Jews.

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Antebellum Dindu Adventure: The Birth of a Nation


I wanted the full experience, so I went to go see The Birth of a Nation (2016) in a black neighborhood. That in and of itself was actually pretty entertaining. For starters, I don’t think I’ve ever seen more people browsing their sailfoams during a movie. There was always extra light emanating from somewhere in the theater. Black people are also extremely loud, so loud in fact that an employee, also black, had to come in and tell people to be quiet during the movie. Several times. She had to argue with them to get their compliance, and they always made sure to get the last word in. But to be fair, silence must have really been challenging for them. There were so many scenes that the director deliberately set up to provoke a reaction that the dindus couldn’t help but ook and eek every time a slave was mistreated or a White person got a hatchet to the face.

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The Jewish Origins of the Open Borders Movement


In a 2015 essay on ‘Whiteness studies’ I attempted to lay the groundwork and contextualization for a more developed study of the scale and devastating impact of contemporary Jewish intellectual activism in our colleges, universities, and wider culture. In that essay I noted the importance of Jewish activists including Noel Ignatiev, Ruth Frankenberg, Ricky Marcuse, and Terry Berman, who between the mid-1970s and late 1990s engaged in an effort to develop an academic discipline known as ‘Whiteness studies.’ Since its inception, Whiteness studies has occupied a unique space in an increasingly multicultural disciplinary landscape. Unlike Black studies, Jewish studies, or Asian studies, this sphere of academia is not intended to constructively explore the achievements, history, and culture of its scrutinized ethnic group. Rather, the genre exists to subject ‘Whiteness,’ and by implication White people, to a uniquely hostile dialectic consisting of the debasement of White culture, the degradation of White history, and the delegitimization of the European claim to existence. As such, the discipline may be regarded as an act of ethnic warfare, based as it is on the intended conquest of minds and consciences, and eventually, resources and territory.

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Although there is no single explanation for the plight of the European peoples and the ongoing destruction of Western civilisation, we can perhaps distinguish between two different categories of explanations. With regards to the actions of our globalist, Cultural Marxist, Jewish, and corporate elites, so-called “left-wing explanations” are most appropriate: here we are correct in speaking of a hostile and exploitative ruling class, busily engaged in running down the West for its own benefit. (Indeed, as Sean Gabb argues in Cultural Revolution, Culture War, the various Marxist and Marxist-derived critiques of Western society should be read backwards as “manifestos” of the oppressive, unprincipled and self-interested regimes that are invariably set up by the students of these critiques.)

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Stop Being Frisky: Why Trump is Right about Stop & Frisk

In recent days, I’ve been hearing an abnonypoststopfrisk-260x284rmal amount of criticism of Donald Trump for “policies on race relations that basically amount to ‘reinstitute stop and frisk.’” As usual, the statements are being made in a tone that makes it obvious that the speaker considers it simply beyond the pale to question whether or not those stop and frisk policies were doing anything right. Compare: “His ideas on improving race relations basically amount to ‘bring back slavery.’” Since I’m hearing most of this come from normal people rather than rabid social justice warriors, I consider it worth addressing. So the point of this post is to quickly hand supporters a little bit of extra ammo in some of those conversations.

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Twinsters: What Genetics & Homogeneous Non-White Countries Can Tell Us About White Nationalism

While Twinsters is about a set of adopted identical South twinsters_poster_goldposter_com_2-201x300Korean twins reared apart who meet fortuitously through the internet, (thanks to Facebook and YouTube), Twinsters has a particular and thought-provoking relevance to race and White Nationalism.

It is well known in White Nationalist circles that it is only whites, the ‘’ultra-privileged,’’ that are expressly forbidden by the anti-white political establishment to look out for their own identity and interests. These interests are numerous but include a homogeneous society and a social system that promotes the interests of whites ahead of non-whites. Twinsters illuminates the importance of these interests by demonstrating the benefits of a homogeneous country.

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What Will Become of the Empire? Visions of Late Modernity in United States


The United States is going to change radically in the 21st century, and in ways a lot of people will be unhappy with. To some extent this is unavoidable, as decisions made in the 20th century regarding the demographic and political direction the country should go in have had slow-boiling consequences which we are only beginning to experience now. From the tri-racialization taking place in the coastal South, to the flipping of California and the Southwest from Anglo to mestizo, to the decline of the Eastern elite, to the rise of non-white identity politics in the Democratic party, to the coalescing of White population into an increasingly national populist Republican party, to the general leftward shift of the American culture, the list of changes completed or ongoing in the 21st century that diverge from the status quo(s) of last century grows larger and more impactful every day.

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Gattaca is Wrong: The Moral & Evolutionary Case for Genetic Selection

gattaca_1997_movie_poster-200x300Fun fact: Despite graduating from a prestigious University in the U.K (which will not be named) with the best possible grade, this essay nearly got me kicked off the course for being “monomaniacal” (admittedly Captain Ahab is a personal hero) “dog-whistling” and advocating the “most reprehensible means for improvement.” I had to fight bitterly against the PC police and the radical Marxist professors for an impartial marker. 

Gattaca (1997) written and directed by Andrew Niccol is considered one of the ’90s best unheralded films acclaimed for its rigorous intelligence and moral backbone exploring ethical questions about the nature and direction of genetic science (Ebert). To date, Gattaca is considered one of the best cinematic exposes of genetic determinism and serves as a “counter narrative” against biotechnology and the ideology of genetic determinism for a non-scientific audience (Kirby 180). This article will demonstrate that Gattaca’s egalitarian premises are neither rigorously intelligent nor an exposé of genetic science. The premises are, rather than insightful or illuminating, symptomatic of past and current egalitarian and ideological fantasies, which have been exposed as such in the intervening years since the release of the movie to be nothing more than unscientific drivel and wish fulfilment. If anything, rather than looking towards the future, Gattaca projects the liberal narrative of history onto the future.

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Josiah Tattnall: A White Man’s White Man

He popularized the phrase “blood is thicker than water.”


Josiah Tattnall, Jr. is a name well known to naval scholars and to students of the “War Between the States.” At one time Tattnall was held in such high regard that during the 20th century two US Navy ships were named for him. Today, however, he is more commonly considered a disgrace: He put race and kin before politics, most famously during the Second Opium War in China. What made him the toast of Britain then would today make him a pariah.

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Liberalism, HBD, r/K-Fertility


Table of Contents:

1. Where liberals’ hope exceeds reality
2. Liberals vs Conservatives on HBD
3. The problems we face: fertility and immigration
4. Family Values: Social issues and HBD
5. The evidence: a look at the GSS about fertility, IQ and political orientation
6. The Pioneer Hypothesis
7. Possible solutions

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The Army Sees The Apocalypse Written On The Wall


If you just extrapolate from now to then, in the context of an economic collapse, the outcome seems obvious:

According to a startling Pentagon video obtained by The Intercept, the future of global cities will be an amalgam of the settings of “Escape from New York” and “Robocop” — with dashes of the “Warriors” and “Divergent” thrown in. It will be a world of Robert Kaplan-esque urban hellscapes — brutal and anarchic supercities filled with gangs of youth-gone-wild, a restive underclass, criminal syndicates, and bands of malicious hackers…

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White Genocide


White Nationalists are united in the belief that our race is threatened with simple biological extinction. This is often dismissed as alarmism, but one can make a very simple and compelling argument that whites will go extinct if present trends continue. The purpose of White Nationalism is to interrupt those trends.

Some White Nationalists go one step further, arguing that our race is being intentionally driven to extinction, i.e., that whites are the targets of genocide. This claim too is dismissed as not just alarmist but crazy. Nevertheless, I shall argue that white genocide is actually happening. There are people in positions of power who are promoting policies that they know will lead to the extinction of the white race. Unless, of course, we stop them.

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Heroes & Cowards: Diversity in the Military

Dora L. Costa & Matthew E. Kahnheroescowards-193x300
Heroes & Cowards: The Social Face of War
Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2008

One of the ideas that helped create the “Alt-Right” was laid out by Robert D. Putman in his book Bowling Alone (2000).[1] Putnam argues that after the social revolution of the 1960s introduced the horrors of “vibrancy” and “diversity” on America, civic society itself began to fragment. Whites became loners in their own communities. Essentially, “diversity” destroys social trust. Prior to the 1960s, Americans bowled in leagues; now, they mostly bowl alone. Putnam’s ideas were reviewed in American Renaissance,[2] in Taki’s Magazine,[3] and by[4]

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The Red Pill Diaries: How My Zimmies Were Rustled


It all started in 2012. As I have mentioned before, I spent my early adulthood as a committed Leftist. I’d like to spell out the exact process by which my deconversion took place. Why 2012? That was the year that George Zimmerman hunted down the young, innocent, Skittles- and tea-carrying Trayvon Martin and killed him in cold blood.

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Normalizing a Nigger Nightmare


The calm, deliberate composure with which he spoke of his late deeds and intentions, the expression of his fiend-like face when excited by enthusiasm, still bearing the stains of the blood of helpless innocence about him; clothed with rags and covered with chains; yet daring to raise his manacled hands to heaven, with a spirit soaring above the attributes of man; I looked on him and my blood curdled in my veins. – The Confessions of Nat Turner, Thomas R. Gray, 1831

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