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The Real Victims in Manchester

What does it mean to be a Mancunian? Perhaps it’s as simple as being a resident or former resident of Manchester. Or perhaps it’s characterized by a particular type of identity, one that is often embodied in the numerous musicians who have come from there in recent decades. Take Guy Garvey, singer of Elbow:

The people in Manchester who will be most afraid because of what he [Salman Abedi, the Manchester bomber] did last night will be real Muslims, members of the real faith who don’t believe in violence and don’t believe in killing as a means to an end. Manchester’s multicultural history is part of why it’s such a successful city.

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MAOA, Race, and Crime

One gene which plays a role in Black’s high crime rate is the monoamine oxidase -a gene (MAO-A). This gene produces an enzyme by the same name. The enzyme MAO-A breaks down a class of neurotransmitter called mono-amines in the brain. These neurotransmitters include ones which are well known to effect behavior such as dopamine and serotonin. Some versions of the MAO-A gene lead to lower levels of MAO-A the enzyme and, therefore, more mono-amine activity in the brain.

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And in his hand
He took the golden Compasses, prepar’d
In Gods Eternal store, to circumscribe
This Universe, and all created things:
One foot he center’d, and the other turn’d
Round through the vast profunditie obscure,
And said, thus farr extend, thus farr thy bounds,
This be thy just Circumference, O World.
Thus God the Heav’n created, thus the Earth.

Paradise Lost VII.225

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Dear Fellow White People…

I recently came across somebody on Twitter called ”HelloFellowWhites” who, I think, might just be a psychologist of some sort. You see, he’s put together a series of case studies, of sorts, into what we might charitably call an ‘Identity Crisis’ among our Jewish friends.

It’s almost as if they feel guilty for being ‘white’ one minute, and then suddenly take on a whole new identity just like magic!.

I selected ten of his case studies to see if we might be able to shed some light on this bizarre phenomenon….
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IQs of East Asians

One of the major arguments against heredetarianism is the claim that East Asians’ higher IQs than Europeans is merely a result of effort, and are in fact an example of effort raising the IQ of an entire group by about 4 points relative to 100, which is presumably what they would score if they were as “lazy” as Europeans.

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Does Natural Law Exist?

A widow about to be buried alive in her husband’s grave. Do we all share the same sense of right and wrong?

What, ultimately, is the basis for morality? Many people argue that some things are self-evidently wrong, like torture and murder. No need to invoke the Ten Commandments or any religious tradition. Some things are just wrong. Period.

This is a respectable idea with a long lineage. It’s the argument of Natural Law. All people are born with a natural sense of right and wrong, and it is only later, through vice or degeneration, that some can no longer correctly tell the two apart.

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Life’s A Beach: A Liberal Paradise Lost

Danny Boyle’s 2000 film ‘The Beach’ makes for interesting viewing from  a Nationalist perspective because whether he intended his movie to be so or not, it’s the story of the failure of liberal minded Europeans to face reality while attempting to create utopia. It’s a brilliant meditation on liberal denial.

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God-Emperor from a Machine: The Alt Right, Aesthetics, & Memetics

Meme war is nothing new or original in human history, but the battlefields we wage it on have completely transformed. Peace is merely the absence of war, and in a democracy, all are at war in an implied sense. We form factions to decide who will rule and then by a simple majority declare a winner. How those factions are formed in our times depends largely on media consumption and the creation of political identities. Media becomes a conduit for political memes, what people believe the government should or should not do, how society should be ordered or disordered, etc. There’s a reason people who read Breitbart and watch Fox News voted for Trump, while people who read Huffington Post and watch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver voted for Clinton. Memes are in a sense the environmental form of genes; something you receive from around you that has mutated and evolved to reach you.

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Women’s Brains


Here is a very interesting paper on sex differences in brain size and intelligence, notable for linking people’s brain scans with their detailed intelligence test results. It has been accepted for publication in Intelligence.

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France Not So Much

Hillary Clinton put it best when she tweeted “Victory for Macron, for France, the EU, & the world. Defeat to those interfering w/democracy. (But the media says I can’t talk about that).”

France voted for corrupt neo-liberal government aimed at unifying the world into a rootless trade bloc that tolerates the internal displacement of its own people by economic migrants, and one which skillfully uses the media to portray itself as the underdog fighting the massively satanic reactionary forces of hate, racism, and xenophobia. All people have a right to live in France on unemployment and conduct terrorist attacks on its soil against the natives. People who say otherwise are Hitler. The French could not muster more than 36% support at the most recent count for a candidate that was at least nominally opposed to mass immigration. The Americans at least landed almost 50% and won due to a quirk of the electoral system, even though their candidate ended up backpedaling on nativism.

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Solid Gold Study of the 1992 Rodney King Riot

Brenda Stevenson
The Contested Murder of Latasha Harlins: Justice, Gender, and the Origins of the LA Riots
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013

The Rodney King Riot is now more than two decades past. With such distance, it is possible to examine the riot and see what the long-term effects really were. The conflict started on the afternoon of April 29, 1992, after the four white Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officers who had been filmed beating the riot’s eponymous black motorist were acquitted by a Simi Valley jury. However, the Rodney King Riot was really the culmination of black-Korean racial and social tensions that shifted into high gear when a Korean woman, Soon Ja Du, shot a teenaged black girl, Latasha Harlins, in the back of the head over a petty assault and on suspicion of shoplifting. Soon Ja Du was given a minimal sentence with no jail time by Judge Joyce Karlin after Du was found guilty in a racially-charged trial. University of California, Los Angeles historian Prof. Brenda E. Stevenson explores the intersecting lives of the Korean shopkeeper, Soon Ja Du, the deceased Latasha Harlins, and the Jewish judge, Joyce Karlin, in this excellent book.

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Girl against Bull

Fearless Girl, a four-foot statue commissioned by State Street Global Advisors (SSGA), now stands facing Charging Bull in Lower Manhattan’s Bowling Green park, near Wall Street. Her appearance in the financial district in early March was timed to celebrate International Women’s Day.

The longstanding tradition that a surging market is symbolized by a powerful bull – rather than, say, by a cow in calf – presents an irritating problem to feminists, a provocation that requires a feminist response. SSGA’s feminist response is a pony-tailed girl standing up to the bull.

The statue is both a feminist statement and an advertisement for SSGA’s index fund, which includes and rewards firms that put women in senior leadership positions, especially on corporate boards. Through its fund, the company boasts, “SSGA takes action to celebrate the power of women in leadership and to urge greater gender diversity on corporate boards.” There is even a plaque advertising the fund among the cobblestones at Fearless Girl’s feet.

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How Israel Swindled Its Way to an Atomic Bomb

Roger J. Mattson
Stealing the Atom Bomb: How Denial and Deception Armed Israel
CreateSpace, 2016

There’s a great deal of talk about “weapons of mass destruction” proliferating across the Middle East. The mainstream media has sounded the alarm about Iran’s nuclear weapons program since the 1980s (and yet no Iranian bomb has appeared). The supposed purpose of the Iraq War was to eliminate the nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons programs that Iraq was falsely alleged to have had. To keep their rivals from developing a bomb, Israel attacked nuclear facilities in Iraq in 1981 and in Syria in 2007. To paraphrase Jean-Paul Sartre, Israel is sick with fear, they are afraid of the shadow of their own stolen bomb. How they stole the atomic bomb is detailed in Roger J. Mattson’s 2016 book, Stealing the Atom Bomb: How Denial and Deception Armed Israel.

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First Worldism: The European Revolution

There is something I want to share with “fellow Europeans”, and it is something hard to describe. It is to, in a moment, “feel” the past. How can I convey this? How can I show this?

Around 7700 BC, white skin had “reached fixation”, or the highest prevalence in the genome until today or some later decline, in modern-day Sweden. Some time around 3500 BC, white skin reached fixation in the rest of Europe.

I don’t say this because white skin is super-important (though melanin is a hormone and it’s absence will have causal effects on behavior), but just to give an idea of how quickly a genetically-based trait can spread. The late Henry Harpending in his book “The 10,000 Year Explosion” explains introgression, whereby the genes of a different population can enter another population, and then those genes get selected upon, the result being that a trait could spread through the population faster than you would expect from traditional natural selection.

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South African Apartheid: a case study on the effects of European colonialism in Africa

The impact of European colonialism on the world is often described as being profoundly negative. The popular view is that Europeans came, stole resources, destroyed cultures, and committed mass murder all over the earth. By contrast, the prevailing view 100 years ago was that Europe was supplying the world with advanced institutions which they would not develop on their own and, in so doing, was civilizing the world.

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What Race Were the Greeks and Romans?


Recent films about ancient Greece such as Troy, Helen of Troy, and 300, have used actors who are of Anglo-Saxon or Celtic ancestry (e.g. Brad Pitt, Gerard Butler). Recent films about ancient Rome, such as Gladiator and HBO’s series Rome, have done the same (e.g. Russell Crowe). Were the directors right, from an historical point of view? Were the ancient Greeks and Romans of North European stock?

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Proportionality: The Fairness of Inequality

wealth actual and ideal, details

There was a time when boys played games of marbles following strict playground rules: contestants had to stand a prescribed distance away from the little pyramid of marbles, and chuck only marbles of the prescribed size. Rules ruled. Piaget was intrigued by the explanations children gave for moral judgements, and the playground is the arena in which the concept of fairness is honed.

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Welfare: Who’s on It, Who’s Not?

The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) has published a report called “Welfare Use by Immigrant and Native Households.” The report’s principle finding is that fully 51 percent of immigrant households receive some form of welfare, compared to an already worrisomely high 30 percent of American native households. The study is based on the most accurate data available, the Census Bureau’s Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP). It also reports stark racial differences in the use of welfare programs.

The Corruption Of Emily Marshall

Louise Rosealma AKA Moldylocks AKA Raunch Vag Rosie, once known as Emily Marshall, is quite possibly the most memed person since Donald Trump.
As soon as one meme hit social media another was rolled out to replace it, the moral conundrum of a grown man smacking a woman in the face was instantly buried when the ”1000 Nazi scalp” revelation came out, this was then followed by the revelation that ”Louise” was not always the Anti-Fa zombie of the Berkley brawl, she’d been a nice, pretty girl once. Then came the first of yet more bombshells, she had a site stuffed with pretentious ”art” featuring herself standing naked next to trees and rocks, then we discovered she’d gone the whole hog and done full gynaecological tier shoots,  legs akimbo…and even that wasn’t enough, she was doing ”Hairy Porn”!.

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Argentina: A Mirror of Your Future

Argentina is a distant mirror that reflects what may be North America’s future. The country is a small-scale laboratory of the effects of migration: A suitable migration policy can transform a nation for the good; a wrong one spoils it.

Argentina became independent from Spain in 1816 just after Napoleons occupation of the Iberian Peninsula. After a period of struggle between caudillos, the country was unified with a constitution inspired, in part, by that of the United States. A generation of brilliant thinkers led by Juan Bautista Alberdi and Domingo Faustino Sarmiento saw European immigration as the key to modernity, and this was enshrined in Article 25: “The Federal Government will encourage European immigration; and may not restrict, limit nor tax in any way the entrance into Argentine territory of those foreigners, who have the purpose of working the land, improving industries, and introducing and teaching sciences and arts.”

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