Communist Revolution and Fascist Revenge – Spain’s Cautionary Tale

The above picture is the “execution” of the Sacred Heart by a Republican (i.e., communist) firing squad and is an infamous example of “an assault on the public presence of Catholicism.” They are assuredly rotting in Hell, having been justly sent there by a Nationalist (fascist) executioner.

If you want to see the Left’s true colors, hand them a gun and remove law and order. The Left has always hated the honorable, had a penchant for the perverse and elevated the debased over the divine. The events leading up to the Spanish Civil War, the atrocities committed by the Reds (or los rojos) during and before the outbreak of hostilities and the natural and righteous fascist/nationalist revenge, should teach us what the Left detests and wants to destroy–and acts as a cautionary tale, for both sides.

The Left hates, and has across time (see Spain, Weimar Republic, 1917-Russia, etc.), God (or more specifically, Christianity), family, tradition and country. When reading about the Spanish Civil War it’s painfully clear that the Left’s intentions were to turn Spain into a Godless communist hellhole–as they are wont to do wherever and whenever leftism is allowed to fester. They’ve been corrupting the United States for generations and, what defines the rising anger at the cuckold “Right” establishment so essentially is their inability to fight the Left–much like the Spanish Carlists’ political surrendering to the communistic Popular Front during the immense failure that was Spain’s Second Republic. Like their historical predecessors, our present day submissive cucks want our country to slide into oblivion. It doesn’t take a genius to see what the Left intends to do to a country, they outlined it in the lead-up to the Spanish Civil War.

In 1931, Spanish elections led to the abdication of the king, the weak Alfonso XIII, and a massive victory for the Spanish “Republicans” (a coalition of the center-left, socialists, communists and anarchists – naturally, they dominated the election in urban zones). Unfortunately, it was a victory for the enemies of decency–with the communist Jew, (((Leon Trotsky))), describing the election as, “Really, everything is happening up to now in a strictly “foreseen” order. The slide to the Left has gone on with a particular regularity. Let us hope that our Spanish comrades will analyze the results of the elections very carefully…As was to be expected, the socialists won a great victory.” The Left uses any political victory as a “mandate” to implement their madness; regrettably, they would use their victory to submit Spain to barbarism and communism. Eventually, and fortuitously, Spain’s leftist filth would be “on the wrong side of history,” thanks to a necessary retaliation from Spanish fascists, right-wing monarchists and the Third Reich and Il Duce’s brave troops.

Naturally, a month after the elections, the leftists burned Catholic churches, schools and community establishments. The hatred of the Church would be a common theme in communist-occupied Spain. Spain and the Church are intrinsically linked and destroying that link would have been critical for the communists, as it would destroy Spain culturally and spiritually, laying the foundation for a new dogma to fill the vacuum–communism. The new Republican government which came to power in 1931 was strongly anti-clerical, began secularizing education, barring religious education in the schools (to corrupt the youth) and expelling the Jesuits from the country. A wave of attacks hit Church properties in Madrid, Andalucia, and the Levant, as dozens of religious buildings, including churches, friaries, convents and schools lay in ruins. The leftist government then more or less seized all Church properties, such as episcopal residences, parish houses, seminaries and monasteries. The Church had to pay rent and taxes in order to continuously use the properties. Religious vestments, chalices, statues, paintings and similar objects of worship were seized as well.

In addition, the government forbade public manifestations of Catholic faith–such as processions on religious feast days. The leftist scum even banished the crucifix from schools, as the sight of the crucifix likely tormented them. Catholic schools limped on, but outside the state system, and in 1933 further legislative tyranny banned all monks and nuns from even teaching. The Left waged war on Spain’s spirit– the Catholic Church. It makes perfect sense that the admirable Generalísimo Francisco “Caudillo of the West” Franco’s eventual military coup was called Movimiento Nacional, or the “Spanish Crusade.” They were saving Spain’s soul.

The sick mind of the communist Left really knows no bounds of malicious intent. Before Franco’s liberation, the Spanish state began controlling cemeteries too–as to ensure that crosses and other religious icons could not be used for the dead (later the communists would be fond of desecrating graveyards). Many ordinary people, or the common folk, began to rationally view the government as the enemy because of the educational and religious “reforms.”

As part of the 1931 elections, Manuel Azaña became the newly elected leftist Prime Minister of Spain–he was also an irreligious atheist (until he converted on his death bed) and once said, “all the convents in Spain were not worth the life of a single Republican.” He would become prime minister again a few years later and push his country to civil war. But, he was always a poltroon and a traitor–even Stalin’s soviet politburo adviser, (((Alexander Orlov))), despised Azaña, describing him as, “He was a man with an ugly face. He was an apparent weakling, deeply in love with himself and with the lofty positions he had held in Spanish public life since the abdication of the king. The events of the Spanish Civil War proved him an egotist and veritable coward, who deserted his people when the war reached a critical stage.” Azaña eventually fled Spain when Franco’s forces of good defeated the Red occupation. He died in France in 1940 and the virtuous Vichy government would, justifiably, not allow a Spanish flag to be draped over his casket.

In typical leftist fashion, the new Spanish constitution was catastrophic–see if you notice any pattern of left-wing degeneracy and destruction. It established freedom of speech (to agitate and freely strike), extended suffrage to women (has worked for us, right?), introduced civil marriage and allowed divorce (to destroy the family). Also, it permitted the state to expropriate private property for reasons of “muh social welfare.” Furthermore, the liberal constitution established free secular education, in order to replace Catholic schools.

The Republican/Socialist government also targeted the military (they always do)–the military (a bastion of traditionalism) had to choose, either to take an oath of loyalty to the radical Republican constitution or retire. In order to purge the military of courageous rightists, combat promotions, a tradition in the officer corps, was discouraged by leftist bureaucrats in favor of personal and political (always leftist) connections. Only those loyal to the leftist government could advance. Eventually, this approach would be fatal for the Left–they chose political cronies, instead of warfighters.

The Right was able to win another election in 1933, in response to the Left’s overreach (which was inevitable). But, blood would start to be spilled. Official statistics state that 330 people were assassinated, in addition to 213 failed attempts and 1,511 people wounded in political violence between 1934 and 1936–this period was called El Bienio Negro or the “Two Black Years.” Figures also indicate a total of 113 crippling general strikes and 160 religious buildings were destroyed, usually by arsonists. Unsurprisingly, radical leftists became more aggressive and conservatives turned to fascism (the Spanish Phalanx or Falange) and paramilitary and vigilante groups.

Only animals would rejoice at this desecration.
By 1936 and after winning another election (many, including myself, believe due to election fraud), the leftist Republican government was re-established and began hurtling the country towards ruin. The policy of the leftist Republican government was based on a risky design. It relied on the Popular Front alliance with the communist revolutionaries for the votes that kept a Republican minority in power, the goal being to “fundamentally transform” (heard that phrase before) Spanish institutions in such a way as to consolidate a completely leftist Republic. The speed and escalation of the transformation was incredible and increased as the country marched closer to civil war–which, in turn, would produce an uncompromising and merciless form of Spanish fascism as a rational response. Fascism was only natural–you can’t systematically destroy a people’s culture and civilization without an appropriate backlash.In June 1936, the editor of Barcelona’s La Vanguardia described the transformation to fascism as, “How many votes did the fascists have in Spain in the last election? None: a ridiculously small amount…Today, on the other hand, travelers returning from different parts of the country are saying: ‘There everybody is becoming a fascist.’ What kind of change is this? What happened? What has happened is simply that it is no longer possible to live, that there is no government…In such a situation, people instinctively look for a way out…” That “way out” turned out to be fascism–or, as Franco stated, “Fascism, since that is the word that is used, fascism presents, wherever it manifests itself, characteristics which are varied to the extent that countries and national temperaments vary. It is essentially a defensive reaction of the organism, a manifestation of the desire to live, of the desire not to die, which at certain times seizes a whole people. So each people reacts in its own way, according to its conception of life. Our rising, here, has a Spanish meaning! What can it have in common with Hitlerism, which was, above all, a reaction against the state of things created by the defeat, and by the abdication and the despair that followed it?”

The Left would later reap what they sowed. Prior to the Left’s reckoning (a very much warranted “White Terror”), the injustices the leftist government foisted on Spain was immoral and, frankly, evil–and all of the diseases the Left imposed on 1930s Spain is similar to the ailments that the modern West is currently experiencing to varying degrees (sans massive Ragnarök-scale Molsem immigration, a bridge too far even for old-school communists). The frequently explicit violations of the law, assaults on property and political violence in Spain were without precedent for a modern European country not undergoing total revolution. These included colossal, sometimes violent, and destructive strike waves, large scale illegal seizures of farmland in the south of the country, a wave of arson and obliteration of property, capricious closure of Catholic schools, seizure of churches and Church property, widespread censorship, thousands of indiscriminate arrests, pervasive impunity for criminal actions by members of Popular Front parties (including socialists and communists), manipulation and politicization of justice, arbitrary dissolution of right-wing organizations, coercive elections that excluded opposition, subversion of the security forces and a substantial growth in political violence.

Ismael Virto, a US representative of Spain’s University of Navarra, stated, “It was just like the French Revolution or in the Soviet Union, but it was Spain in the summer of 1936. These militias–the Republican side–took regular people from their homes and took them to the jails or to the cemeteries and just shot them. It was totally lawless.” Watching modern Hollywood, you’d think it was the other way around, right?

Many Americans, if they think about it at all (which is unlikely, considering our state of affairs), probably picture the Spanish Civil War vaguely. It’s painted in simple terms–generally, it is pitched as a pre-World War II face-off between a “bad guy general,” supported by wealthy industrialists, the evil Nationalists (or fascists; the terms are interchangeable for the most part) and the Nazi and Italian war machines versus a ragtag army of lovable international freedom fighters and the “loyal” native sons and daughters of Spain, known as Republicans. The bad guys revolted for some reason and the good guys, even with Ernest Hemingway, George Orwell and the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, barely lost. Spain then underwent decades of slaughter, destruction and horrifying conditions under the Franco regime. To put it bluntly, it’s all bullshit, and generational bullshit at that.

Some people might not know that “muh freedom fighters” were actually a fiercely anti-religious alliance of socialists, communists, anarchists, and yes, Jews—in other words, the scum of the earth. Also note that approximately 25% of the communist (((international))) brigades that fought for the Republican armies were Jewish. This same scum, who during the war and while losing almost every single battle against Franco’s forces (who generally had less men), ensured that more than 6,800 Catholic clergy were slaughtered, including 13 bishops, more than 2,360 monks and friars, and 4,172 diocesan priests and seminarians, as well as 283 nuns. Thousands of churches were devastated. Most of the intense Red Terror (or Terror Rojo) killings occurred in the first six months of the conflict, but by the end of the war about 20% of Spain’s Catholic clergy was dead. Journalist and historian César Vidal comes to a nationwide total of 110,965 victims of Republican repression; 11,705 people being killed in Madrid alone.

Prior to July, 1936, (((Moses Rosenberg))) arrived as Moscow’s ambassador to Madrid–during the war, Rosenberg would rule as “tzar” of Madrid. In E.M. Godden’s Conflict in Spain, Godden states, “During the last week of July, 1936, the bodies of nuns were exhumed from their graves and propped up outside the walls of their convents. Obscene and offensive placards were attached to their bodies.” In Madrid, it was estimated that one tenth of the population was murdered by the communists Jews near the end of war.

Sickening–even for an atheist fascist.
Both Arthur Bryant’s 70 Years of the Communist Revolution and Justo Perez de Urbel’s Catholic Martyrs of the Spanish Civil War recount the tragedy of Huelva–the mayor of the city turned over the civil administration of the city to Stalin’s International Brigade (side note: Rabbi Hyman Katz was an American rabbi–he said he joined Stalin’s International Brigade “to fight Spanish-Christian fascists,” and he was later killed in 1938 by a Spanish-Christian fascist). Their first act was to torture and shoot all the priests in Huelva. Afterwards, the nuns of Huelva were stripped naked and driven into the streets to provide sport for the Jewish communists. Then, they were all callously shot. No words can describe the criminality of the Left.The normie loves to quote the plastic god that is MLK™ after every terrorist attack–they usually quote, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” It’s a dangerous lie. Only darkness and unmitigated hate would save Spain, and it came with a cold-blooded vengeance and the black flag.

The repression in the Nationalist zones was more centralized and much more effective than the bloodthirsty Reds. Though often carried out by right-wing civilian vigilante groups, the White Terror (or la Represión Franquista) was practically from the beginning institutionalized under a military court martial system (the trials were fair, but firm). It was also more efficient, for, being under more coordinated direction, it was concentrated against the most dangerous opposition elements. Spaniards that were not true believers, but were simply swept up in the revolutionary environment or mustered into service by a communist bayonet, were sometimes incorporated into Franco’s forces during the war, and eventually allowed to return home to their normal lives.

For the hardcore communists and diehard Republican traitors though, Franco’s salvation of Spain was either a death sentence or a life of hard punishment. It’s estimated that the fascists “disappeared” anywhere from 150,000 to 400,000 (the last number is likely too high with numbers inflated by modern shitlib historians) communist vermin during their purge of Spain. Those not destined for a bullet were imprisoned, while many were put to forced labor, building railways, drying out swamps, digging canals and tolling on construction projects–like the impressive Valle de los Caídos monument.

But more importantly, the Nationalists eradicated any and every single trace of “leftism” in Spain. The notion of a limpieza (cleansing) was an essential part of the right-wing strategy, and the process of “physical removal” began immediately after the nationalists liberated an area formerly under the control of the communists. Poetic justice was served though; the orphaned children of Reds were taught, in orphanages run by priests and nuns that “their parents had committed great sins that they could help expiate, for which many were incited to serve the Church.”

The Left tried to destroy Spain–her culture, her faith and her people. Once the Right realized that only the black flag could save their country order, peace and honor were restored. Spain’s fate should not be ours, but if we are destined to repeat history, be warned, leftists, and take heed of the Republicans’ fate and failure.

Many Republicans believed in simply abolishing marriage, destroying all aspects of the traditional family and were degenerates (even by our modern standards), years before the hippy “free love” movement.

“Our brave Legionaries and Regulares have shown the red cowards what it means to be a man. And, incidentally, the wives of reds too. These Communist and Anarchist women, after all, have made themselves fair game by their doctrine of free love. And now they have at least the acquaintance of real men, and not milksops of militiamen. Kicking their legs about and struggling won’t save them.”
– Nationalist General Gonzalo Queipo de Llano

Wew, lad. Talk about payback.