Notes on the “White Ally”

One of the stranger developments in American identity politics is the manufactured affiliation known as the “white ally.” But despite the moniker of “ally,” the white ally is not an independent political actor entering into alliance with another actor to achieve his or her interests through cooperation. The job of the white ally is simply to follow the orders of the dominant “partner” in this alliance, to sit down and shut up.

And who is the dominant partner? A self-interested person of color practicing his or her own identity politics, at the expense of other identities. So for example, if a black activist calls for reparations for slavery, a system which he has never personally experienced, the job of the white ally is to support this even though it is a wealth transfer from white to black. If a black activist calls for the police to be neutered into social workers so that violent criminals are no longer able to be suppressed with superior force, the job of the white ally is to support this even though it makes everyone less safe except for the mostly colored cohort of criminals.

The white ally functions as a janissary. They are the henchmen of one people drawn from the ranks of another, with their own identity substituted for another’s. One cannot serve two masters, and the white ally makes his choice as much. He will pretend to be a Turk for the rest of his life.

The one-sidedness of this relationship and how conditional appreciation is for white allies on the part of their dominant partners of color was best expressed in a recent Facebook post from a page called “The Love Life Of An Asian Guy.” Regarding the political evolution of Anglo-Iranian American vlogger Laci Green and featuring a screenshot of her video titled “Taking the Redpill?,” the author of the post describes to his 200,000+ followers how “white feminists” are neither good nor permanent allies for people of color because they can always turn into “white supremacists.” While it is highly unlikely that Laci Green or her new boyfriend are “white supremacists,” the fact that they are walking back from third-wave feminism and POC-centrism to voice “anti-SJW” talking points is enough evidence for the author that they cannot be allies and that identity politicians of color should be suspicious of all white allies and keep them at arm’s length.

This is an absurdly thankless job, like cleaning animal enclosures at a zoo. The white ally cannot have a single independent thought without being dragged before the sultan and beheaded.

Specifically the author lets them (white feminists) know they are only accepted on a temporary basis, because they are in essence natural converts to “white supremacy” and required by them to make more white people:

“Laci Green is a white woman. White women, whether they admit it or not, will always have a seat at a white supremacist’s table. They can ride the SJW train for 10, 40 years, but the minute they go rogue and raise their hand to sieg heil, they’ll be welcomed with open arms into the family of whitehood.

White women are the beneficiaries of white privilege. Even if white supremacists shit on white feminists like Laci Green, at the end of the day, white supremacists still see white women like Laci as instrumental to white supremacy. Racist white men will ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS need white women because part of their objective is racial preservation, and they can’t “preserve” the white race without white babies…

Laci Green is one of the most known, if not the most known SJW on Youtube. And if she can turn her back on people of color and fuck a white supremacist, how the FUCK do you think people of color should feel about the entirety of white allyship? How can ANY OF US trust white women, let alone whypipo [sic] as a collective?

I’ll repeat this over and over again: white allies, you’re welcome on this page, but we don’t NEED you. Don’t ever think that I owe you shit and that you deserve an ounce of my MF respect. You are just another Laci Green.”

Laci Green and her boyfriend would probably rather lynch themselves than be white supremacists. But since she is willing to entertain some ideas which were popular prior to the early 21st century she is now a sieg-heiling neo-nazi in the eyes of the POC-centric left.

Just to clarify: White people who are not slobberingly POC-centric allies are neo-nazis, but such allies should never be trusted because they can become neo-nazis within a few vlog posts.

This new “relationship” regarding the white ally being forged by newer generations of POC-centrists departs from the old norm of subversive collaboration against an opposing white majority. The traditional demand of having access to whites, or desegregation, which could only be achieved (literally and in terms of creating public pressure) by combining people of color and whites, has been long met. Those tactics become less useful in a country where the population has already embraced integration, or at the very least embraced not opposing integration. Such tactics also garner diminishing returns as the white population declines as a share of the country.

Previously the problem was gaining access to whites, their spaces, and property, in order to raise one’s standard of living and quality of life. This required the consent of whites or for the white-dominated government to force other whites to comply. That is the origin of the white ally, who used to have a very simple job in just shaming other whites for being “racist.” White people hate being socially shamed and their gut reaction is to grovel for their status back. And status could be restored by spouting platitudes about equality while moving another exit down the highway.

But now POC-centrists are emboldened and simply want whites to obey them. Whites are an aging class of people, and among younger cohorts (especially in cities) a racial minority. The new generation of SJWs/POC-centrists/regressive leftists is the least white it has ever been and this has an impact on its goals and politics. White people are no longer friends to forge a multiracial utopian alliance with but tools to be used against other whites and discarded if they aren’t cutting deep enough. Someone like Laci Green has moved too close to the new center to be useful to them, and now she’s excommunicated. She’s dating a conservative/classical liberal (?) white male and talking about reactionary memes from the late 2000s / early 2010s based on a movie made by two Jewish transsexuals in the 1990s. What a traitor.

Laci Green will probably end up in the alt lite crowd, who themselves are only reactionary in the sense that they think Islam is bad because it doesn’t promote sexual equality, and that a few black people wearing Trump hats proves we’d all get along if not for those meddling Democrats.

What’s interesting is that not being an afrocentrist gynocrat makes her a nazi. That’s an absurd level of polarized political labeling, but to be expected from people who interpret morality and belief systems through the lens of the Harry Potter franchise.

While we’re on the subject of “anti-SJW” white people being the new KKK, here’s an apropos article from Bloomberg about how “American Prosperity Depends on a Nonwhite Future.”

White allies, this is the future you are fighting for—a future you have no place in!

  • way2confused

    “white ally” is a “politically correct” dupe who believes we must buckle to the demands of the MINORITY black community or else.