The City of New Orleans Murders and Non-Fatal Shootings Trend 2015 Annual Report

Sometimes you find a report which was never, ever supposed to be seen.

And you can’t unsee it.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune obviously has writers, editors, or paid contributors who have viewed it, but they assiduously avoided bringing any attention to it.

The CITY OF NEW ORLEANS Murders and Non-Fatal Shootings Trend 2015 Annual Report is one of those reports.

New Orleans, a 60 percent black city today (what a beautiful ‘chocolate city‘), actually has been documenting the race of both suspect and victim in both homicides and non-fatal shootings. Strangely, no media in New Orleans, though the city government publishes this data for public consumption, has dared disseminate the information.



Well, because facts tend to have a racial bias.

Only 30 percent of homicides in New Orleans in 2015 have been cleared (meaning, a suspect has been arrest and convicted), with 90 percent of those arrested for homicide being black.

Only 22.2 percent of nonfatal shootings in New Orleans in 2015 have been cleared, with 99 percent of those arrested for nonfatal shootings being black.

This data was compiled by the NOLA For Life initiative in New Orleans, but few – if any – have ever read this report.


Because it clearly delineates who is behind the violent crime and gun crime in New Orleans.

The real question is why is New Orleans Times-Picayune complicit in covering up the racial data of violence in New Orleans?

Who are they actually protecting?