We are all Boers


Since the end of apartheid in 1994, there have been anywhere from 3000 to 6000 White farmers brutally murdered in savage attacks across South Africa, with a total of 40 000 White farmers remaining alive in the country today. There were around 60 000 White farmers at the end of apartheid, and the decline is attributable to farmers who either traded in their passport and emigrated to a safer country or traded in the pitchfork and chose a safer occupation, as well as to the murders themselves. Often, these attacks don’t involve robbery or any sort of economic motivation, and many times nothing is stolen at all. The motivation is clearly racial bloodlust—torture, rape and other forms of humiliation are commonplace. Being a White farmer in South Africa is statistically one of the most dangerous jobs on Earth, and you’re twice as likely to be murdered as a White farmer than as a police officer in South Africa. The rate of murder victimization for commercial farmers in South Africa is an astounding 290 per 100 000—to put things in perspective, the murder rate in Detroit for 2015 was 44 per 100 000.

The ruling ANC party denies any racial motivation and dismisses these attacks as normal robbery-motivated murders. The fact that robbery-motivated murders are now regarded as a normal thing in South Africa speaks volumes as to how royally fucked up their country has become under Black rule. Meanwhile, as the Boers are literally being killed in their farms across the country, President Zuma sings “Kill the Boer” on live TV to a throng of dancing, ooga booga-ing admirers. Just watching these soldiers dancing like monkeys in full uniform as the country’s Head of State sings that the cabinet will shoot the Boer with the machine gun should tell you all you need to know about the endgame of multiracial democracy and Black rule.

These attacks have gone largely ignored by the mainstream media relative to their severity, especially considering how even the slightest hint of White aggression against Blacks which is always emphasised with the utmost moral panic. To be fair, there has been some coverage of these attacks on media outlets such as the BBC, Fox News and NBC. It’s not a total media blackout so much as a downplaying of the issue, and the articles where it’s covered are devoid of the emotional vitriol or calls for “collective responsibility” that accompanies the media coverage of any case of White-on-Black violence. The lack of enraged emotional language is an anti-White bias in and of itself, when considering how the media always reacts with a deluge of indignant outrage in the rare case where a White person murders a Black person for racially-related reasons.

Most normies I’ve spoken to don’t even know that these attacks are happening. These farm murders, as well as other racially-motivated murders of Whites throughout South Africa, fundamentally contradict the liberal narrative that multiracialism is peaceful and that Blacks would never commit the type of horrific racist atrocities that White people would. In their Hollywoodized version of history, Cultural Marxists have created the illusion that White people are uniquely evil. Nothing contradicts that narrative like a White family hacked to pieces or boiled alive in scalding-hot water or having their skin ironed off with a clothes iron, because of their race.

But while cuckservatives and moderate liberals will simply deny or downplay these attacks until they’re blue in the face, because it so fundamentally contradicts their racially egalitarian narrative about multicultural harmony in the “rainbow nation”, some radical leftists will go so far as to justify the violence. They will claim that White South Africans owe Blacks a debt, and that debt must be paid in blood if necessary. But they also make the same demands of Whites the world over, on behalf of colonialism, slavery, the Holocaust, or the indefinable, intangible sin that can never possibly be eradicated, known as “White privilege”.

The radical left’s argument is that the Boers deserve to die because they control an unjust proportion of South Africa’s farmland. Let’s put aside the reality that when Blacks take over this farmland, as demonstrated by the government-sanctioned violent mass-expropriation of White farmland in Zimbabwe under the Mugabe regime, they tend to produce nothing but illegal drugs and cattle rape. By ridding the productive Whites of their farmland, they turned Zimbabwe from the breadbasket of Africa to the basket-case of Africa. However, if it’s true from a leftist point-of-view that the Boers deserve to die for their unequal and unjust control of disproportionate land—land which their ancestors fought for and toiled over—then all wealth and land that Whites hold today across the globe, particularly outside of Europe, is also illegitimate. Even within Europe, they would make the argument that Europeans benefitted from wealth expropriated from the colonies and thus also must pay (never mind that colonies were often an economic net drain to the mother country). Therefore, if the Boers must pay for their unequal and supposedly unearned control of land, then all Whites must pay for our unequal share of the global economic pie.

The simple reality is, if you support the murder of White farmers in South Africa, you support the murder of all White people outside of Europe, and probably in Europe too since leftists also believe that Europeans are collectively guilty for colonialism and the Holocaust themselves. Even in countries that never directly participated in colonialism or allied themselves with Hitler, they are still guilty by association simply for being White.

The same logic was used by Amerindian mobs who attacked Whites in the town of Caledonia, Ontario, where one White man was left with permanent brain damage in a case of attempted murder, because he was supposedly living on “stolen aboriginal ground”. This logic was also used by an African man trying to justify his rape of a French woman to a courtroom, by saying that the legacy of colonialism compelled him to do it. If you support the murder of the Boers, you support the murder of all White people. If you are White, and you condone the murder of the Boers through your silence or indifference, you are also implicitly condoning your own murder. Just think about that for a moment.

You are the Boer, you are the farmer.