Dreaming of Diversity: What if America Were New York City?

American shitlibs love New York, NY (that’s not what it currently looks like). New York is one of the most diverse and progressive places in the world. They love romanticizing it in fiction, visiting it, going to school there, moving there and drying out their ovaries, and treating the pallette of humanity assembled there like a theme-park-meets-food-court. Wouldn’t it be swell if the whole country could be like this place? Wouldn’t it be grand if everyone were made a stranger in a strange land? Rubs hands.

One of the popular black-pill—or satirically demoralizing—memes of the Alt-Right is that America is becoming Brazil, a White-minority cesspit of disease, violence, corruption, poverty, and diversity.

Or it will, if nothing is done to stop the left. If you take their ideas to their logical end, especially their third-worldism and love of demographic replacement, it’s obvious that the future they will arrive at is a heavily urbanized White-minority society with a strong central government and a political supermajority. Ask any Democrat if they would oppose this. Even if they are uncomfortable with the idea of White minoritization (which only Whites care about), they aren’t going to say it should be stopped, because that would require excluding people from their community and that’s always wrong. So it’s true regardless of whether they state they want it or not, because outcomes are independent from intentions. Their policies will lead to a minority-majority society that is economically and socially left-wing, bureaucratic, and less safe. But something akin to brazilification has already happened in parts of the United States. The Brazil metaphor, while effective, overlooks this and focuses on an external (and extreme) example of a degenerated society.

To get just a glimpse of what a minoritized America might look like, consider a thought experiment: What if the New York way of life so admired by the left were transposed across the entire United States? What sort of country would this desired New America be? How badly would our Southern readers want to crush the urbanite?

New America would be a one-party state. The New York City Council has 51 seats and 48 of these are held by the Democratic Party. There would be five different caucuses inside the council on the basis of identity politics, but none exclusively for the interests of Whites. The speaker of this council would be an unmarried woman with an STD. Her predecessor would have been a lesbian. The executive branch would be headed by a communist and literal degenerate who won 73% of the vote, a three-fourths supermajority. The election would have a turnout of 24%. In the 2013 New York mayoral election, just over a million out of 4.3 million registered voters participated, from a population of around 8 million people. In other words, little more than 10% of the population would decide elections.

New America would be an ethnically fractured society. Yes, worse than the current one. The ancestry breakdown would be as follows: 28.6% Hispanic or Latino, 25.5% African, 20% European, 13% Jewish, and 12.7% Asian. The average South American tourist would be Whiter than the average New American. Over a third of the population, 36%, would be foreign-born. Immigration law would not be enforced, and semi-official ID cards would be issued to anyone with a permanent address. As many as 800 languages would be spoken, and all government forms would look like they were printed at the University of Babel Press. Widely used non-English languages on government documents would include Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, French, Haitian Creole, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Urdu. Large tracts of the city would be mono- or plurality-ethnic enclaves, where a dominant ethnicity controls most local politics and economic life. Various job sectors would also have strong ethnic affinities, which would serve to fuel further racism and stereotypes than would already exist in a diverse society, e.g. the Mexican contractor or kitchen worker, the Irish cop, the Jewish lawyer or banker, the South Asian cab driver. And the overseas Israeli community would have its own private neighborhood police forces and fleet of ambulances. New America would be a multiracial and therefore a multi-racist society, making the White-on-Black narrative of racism incredibly obsolete and replacing it with exciting alternatives like Black-on-Jewish, Hispanic-on-Black, and Asian-on-Hispanic. Anyone remember the Crown Heights Riots? (And hey, if NYC let residents own guns it would have LA-style ‘roof Koreans’ too).

Schooling in New America would be dystopian (and mindboggling for race-deniers). Less than 40% of schoolchildren would pass government math and reading exams. In 2016, 38% of students in grades three through eight met state reading standards, while 36.4% of city kids passed math tests. Without looking it up you can probably figure out that those numbers are mostly the White and Asian population with some talented Afro-Latinos. One in ten schoolchildren would be Muslim, and schools would be closed on the Chinese Lunar New Year. There would be bitter disputes over education policy and the funding of public elementary schools versus charter schools. Due to outcome disparities, there would also be constant lobbying by non-Asian minorities to scrap the admissions tests used by higher-quality public high schools in lieu of non-academic heuristics and affirmative action, since the advanced schools skew heavily Asian and White. But hey, at least there would be some top-ranked colleges and universities that most local people couldn’t get into without affirmative action.

New America would be crowded. There would be 28,053 people per square mile, and in the economic center, 72,033 people per square mile. This would result in filth, traffic congestion, absurdly high housing costs, stress, and other quality of life issues associated with having to live in cramped and overcrowded places. Privacy would be non-existent as people would live on top, below, and beside you, neighbors would pick through your trash and recycling, and you’d rely on a mass transit system that would not infrequently have mentally ill and soiled homeless passengers riding with you. As the denizens of Manhattan (New York County) have the third highest cancer risk caused by airborne chemicals of all counties in the United States, New America’s heartland would also have higher cancer rates than most of Old America. STD infections would also increase—a 2012 study by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene found that 33 percent of city ZIP codes were in the top quintile for multiple sexually transmitted diseases.

New America would have a starkly stratified income distribution. With a Gini coefficient of 0.6, Manhattan Island is on par with a third world country. A fourth of households would not have internet access. Luxury apartment towers would be built almost entirely for the purpose of foreign members of the global elite to use as a store of value, never taking up residence. Meanwhile almost 5% of the domiciled population would be millionaires. A fifth of the population would live below the poverty line, and plenty just barely above it. Median household income in the wealthiest areas would be nearly $200,000 while in the poorest it would be under $10,000. That is not enough to pay market-rate rent, and many landlords would use the 40x rule—tenants need an annual income at least 40 times the monthly rent. The average one-bedroom apartment is $3100 a month, so you’d need a lot of money to live without a roommate. New York’s 60,000 homeless, enough to fill an entire city neighborhood, would fill a New American city if scaled nationally.

New America would have substantial law enforcement challenges. There would massive controversy over monitoring Muslims even though they committed the deadliest terror attack in human history in the city. Crime would be a fact of life in a number of neighborhoods. Over 90% of those arrested for murder or shooting would be Hispanic or Black. It would be illegal for the police to profile these people. Speaking of the police, they would be heavily armed and frequently deployed in public spaces and at train stations. Your government trusts you, goyim. There would be frequent political demonstrations against the police, spearheaded by local socialist and communist groups. It would be widely felt by officers that the elected left-populist government was not supporting them, a truly absurdist thing for the government to signal given how important the thin blue line is to New York.

New America would ignore the Second Amendment and have a de facto ban on self-defense. The right to bear arms would be all but abolished and only police officers, former police officers, and the rich and well-connected would be allowed to conceal-carry a gun. Various other self-defense weapons would be banned as well. The liberal ivory tower population would be staunchly anti-gun since they encounter few members of violent criminal populations in their midst. Everyone else would just hope today isn’t the day they become a victim.

New America would be a profoundly alienating experience, the Platonic form of anomie. A while ago a friend of mine and I were discussing what it meant to be a New Yorker. We came to the conclusion that the only things that mattered were proximity and commuting. Were it not for the proximity, New Yorkers would have almost no shared identity with their fellow urbanites, and without the commuting, they would not even see them. There are few shared norms, and most people are either deeply engaged in their ethnic ingroup or isolated. Outside of their neighborhoods and workplaces (if they are lucky enough to work or live among their co-ethnics), citizens and non-citizens alike would be bombarded with a mass of foreign faces, races, languages, and behaviors on a daily basis. Two hours or more of each weekday may be spent commuting in silence with these people, which can only be mitigated by paying higher rent or working closer to home, and the latter probably means lower wages as most people live away from the business districts. Anything that might pass for a commons or public space would be smelly and filthy, occupied by a noticeably unpleasant amount of homeless people, have a heavy police presence, or possess any combination of these. All the great historical works of monumental masonry and architecture would be littered with bums, giving the impression that every day is the day after the Sack of Rome. People would bathe in fountains.

Thus in terms of public space, there would be little pleasantry or local escape for non-elite residents from the drudgery of work and the stress of urban life, while their wealthy counterparts would take frequent trips out of the area on weekends. New America would favor its cosmopolitan elites more than any other society perhaps in human history. For typical goyim, the options would be to shell out for an expensive night of drinking, dining, or entertainment, or to retreat to one’s (probably small) dwelling to consume take-out and watch television/Netflix. Such would be life under what one might call the Catlady Ascendancy, that Sex in the City lifestyle of nihilism.

Oh, and when the whole country is New York, there will be nowhere to run. When you get sick of the city and want to start a family or live somewhere nicer or just have a house and car in the suburbs, you won’t be able to. Maybe instead of moving out to Long Island, New Jersey, Westchester, or Connecticut, people will move to West Virginia, Idaho, and New Hampshire to get away from all the new New Yorks. But how long will that last?

For the left the question is really not if they want this. It is how they are going to answer for it.