Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

In a White enthnostate, I’d have a hard time arguing against universal healthcare. As a recovering paleoconservative, historically, I had much disdain for the idea of tax subsidized healthcare–let the proles suffer or, I would ask, “Are there no prisons, and are there no workhouses?” I’ve “evolved” since then, but only with respect to a White people–the old, young, pregnant women, mentally handicapped and those suffering from a major condition. The rest of the races can sod off.

Why? Besides the fact that non-Whites (mostly the coloreds) leach off our generous healthcare system with the ingratitude of a spoiled child, non-Whites literally fleece our system out of billions (with a B) of dollars. It’s a little known secret to folks outside of the US healthcare system, but is crystal clear to the administrative, investigative and enforcement apparatuses in the industry. When our weak-kneed politicians talk about healthcare (be it federally-managed Medicare or state-run Medicaid) reform, the primary target is what’s called “Fraud, Waste and Abuse” (FWA) enforcement. In layman’s terms, FWA is really just lying, cheating and stealing and has two levels: (1) mismanagement and ignorant missteps by healthcare providers (usually because they can’t understand the gargantuan amount of bureaucratic regulations) and (2) blatantly corrupt and criminal enterprises to score beaucoup bucks from an overweight and impotent healthcare system.

Politicians highlight FWA because it’s an easy target, a lot easier than actually reforming an industry that currently (2014 data) accounts for 17% of our GDP and has a total healthcare expenditures amount of $3.0 trillion dollars. And here’s the kicker, healthcare spending is projected to grow 1.3 percentage points faster than GDP per year from 2015 – 2025; as a result, the healthcare share of GDP is expected to rise from 17.5% to 20.1% by 2025.

Unless you’re in the industry, no one talks about the non-Whites that make up the absolute worse in FWA issues (think item 2 above). To be fair, there are some Whites that engage in this behavior, but to be honest, they’re mostly foreign and unassimilated Whites (think the eternally squatting Slav). If native Whites engage in FWA, it’s usually item 1–small to mid-sized healthcare providers that couldn’t afford the overhead of a regulatory specialist to guide them through the red tape.

But I see it every day: another brown or black that has ripped millions of dollars off the hard-working taxpayer (usually, a White taxpayer, let’s be real–50% of colored households don’t even pay taxes.). If you watch or read the Lügenpresse, FWA is just a number scrolled at the bottom of the screen, but for me? You see it every day. Another couple of mestizos ripped off about a billion dollars in a home health agency scam in South Florida (which might as well be its own hot, humid and corrupt Central American country). A Somalian immigrant, while not participating in a Minneapolis gang-rape, gets busted for a cool one million for submitting false claims (for healthcare services not provided). When you’re in this type of field, it takes the most minimal level of observation and pattern recognition to see that we have a multi-billion-dollar problem–non-Whites and immigrants are stealing tons of money from the US healthcare system. Also, for the normie or cuck lurker, let me tell you this about the Alt-Right: you are defending a nation so corrupt, we have infiltrated every level of its infrastructure.

Healthcare is an easy mark for thieves and modern-day brown brigands. Uncle Sam’s methods of smoking out non-White FWA criminals are about as efficient as tits on a boar. For instance, I saw the Feds send two fresh-off-the-boat West African immigrants, who barely spoke even broken English, armed with cameras to stake out potentially criminal healthcare enterprises–they got lost trying to get to the stakeout location (no, they didn’t even have handlers). No wonder FWA (along with the tools to “fight” it) cost our entire healthcare system about $272 billion dollars. Just the cost of vibrant diversity, goys!

Scamming Medicare and Medicaid is so worthwhile that the (((Russian))) and Nigerian mafias have gotten involved–this isn’t a secret to anyone in the investigative and enforcement community. (((The New York families))) (not the Italians either) loot New York’s Medicaid program (one Brooklyn dentist “filed” 991 claims in one day). Once that’s complete or it gets too hot, they travel down to Florida to continue their dirty work. Think about this: 40% of New York Medicaid’s payments are considered “questionable”–which really means they’re likely due to fraud or mismanagement. Ilya Slepak and Oleg Kheyson cost New York millions before escaping to Russia.

Our government (both the federal and state) used to be run by the smartest and brightest of our population, at least that’s my opinion. Now, not so much–just stroll through your local DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) and extrapolate that across the nation. For instance, state Medicaid divisions were able to recover $1.7 billion in fraudulent payments in 2011–guess what though? They had to spend $208 million to do it. No wonder we haven’t colonized Mars; we can’t stop Juan, Aditya and Chikwendu from swindling us out of billions. Our forefathers would have known better, they would have thrown the foreigners in the ocean and gotten back down to business.

In South Florida alone, government programs and private insurers have lost hundreds of millions of dollars in recent years to mestizo crime rings–crime rings originally out of Central and South America. So much illegal spic activity occurs in Florida that it would make Tony Montana realize he was in the wrong business. How lucrative? Just ask Jorge Lorenzo, Yahima Pardo and Roberto De Jesus Alonso–they stole $10 million per year for four years while operating out of the enriched city of Miami.

Speaking of Tony Montana, some criminals are switching from cocaine trafficking to prescription-drug fraud because the risks are lower and the rewards are higher–the money is good, the work safer and the penalties lighter (De Jesus Alonso was only handed three years for a multi-million-dollar fraud case). Unsurprisingly, Medicaid investigators regularly find stockpiles of weapons when making arrests–these poor immigrants just bringing their vibrant culture to our stale shores. Additionally, and this comes as no surprise to the Alt-Right, the criminal browns and foreigners are all tribal and tied ethnically: the chicos in Miami, ruskies in New York, subhuman Nigerians in Houston, etc.

Fraud “immigrates” on the backs of immigrants–like Armenian (seriously, fuck that country) Nuritsa Grigoryan, who was convicted on charges of health care fraud conspiracy, aggravated identity theft, conspiracy to misbrand pharmaceutical drugs, false statements to the Feds, and conspiracy to use other persons’ identification documents in furtherance of fraud. She was found guilty of defrauding $20 million dollars. Alas though, the slick Armenian baffled our highly gifted sleuths by simply removing her ankle monitor–she may be residing in a hidden location in the greater Los Angeles area or may have fled to back to Armenia.

There’s also overbilling for HIV infusion for faggots, an outdated therapy that Medicare still covers (like erectile dysfunction pumps–no kidding, fam) despite the existence of inexpensive and more efficient alternatives. This scam faded in Florida after a suppression, only to pop up in decaying Detroit, run by relatives (non-Whites) of the original perpetrators. Big surprise! Speaking of Detroit, street shitter Janaki Chettiar was indicted on charges of conspiracy to commit health care fraud and money laundering while she was enriching the Motor City. She and her gupta co-conspirators scammed Medicare out of $13.8 million dollars. She is believed to have fled back to the highly unhygienic country of India.

Just look at the image associated with this article. Not one “founding stock” White American. In fact, I can’t remember the last time a WASP was on the OIG’s most wanted fugitive list. When the fugitives escape our sad sack gumshoes, where do you think they go? The most wanted list suggests they “go back” to high-trust, limited-government, constitutional and highly “principled” countries like: India, Zambia, Nigeria, China, South Florida, Sudan, Cuba, Philippines, Dominican Republic, United Arab Emirates, Russia and Iraq.

And mass immigration is supposed to be a good thing? You’d have to be certifiable insane to think non-White immigration is a benefit to our nation. These animals bring their culture of corruption, lying and manipulation to our soil and we pay one hell of a price for it. Wonder why your grandma’s (you know, the woman that helped raise war bonds against the “ebil” Third Reich) co-pay is so high or her services aren’t covered by “muh Medicare”?

Think (thank) immigrants.